Casual Monster is

Casual Monster is a game development studio based in Istanbul Turkey.

We’ve built our company around doing what we love; building games.

Casual Monster Has Built

Casual Monster is currently working on a host of games to add to their stable of games, which currently consists of: Real Basketball 50m downloads (IOS, Android) and Basket Ball Kings 5m downloads (IOS, Android).

R&D Initiatives

Casual Monster is actively working on machine learning driven systems aimed at optimizing the development, deployment and financial needs of anyone developing games.

What we are working on now?

Tile Tap Quest (Casual RPG)

A high fantasy action RPG that uses a unique battle system that is chock full of upgrades and places to explore.

Hoop Splash (Hyper-casual)

A relaxing quick play game where you navigate a sphere between the sky and sea.

Basketball Kings (Sports)

A casual basketball game with a focus on indoor courts.

Real Basketball (Sports)

A multiplayer mobile basketball experience with 50 million downloads.